Term 2 Mathematics - Statistics

  • sort and group items together
  • talk about how we have grouped things together 
Success Criteria

  • We can look at a group of things and think about how some of the things are the same and some are different.
  • We can put things that are the same together in a group
  • We can explain why we put some things together in a group.
One day.......
We talked about the types of fruit that people eat at Fruit Break Time. 
We sorted the fruit into groups so that all the same fruit was together in each group.
We talked about what we noticed.
  • "The apples have got five in the group."
  • "Only one person had a fruit squirt and the same with the orange."
  • " Four of the fruits are orange coloured."
  • "There are seven things that have skin you can't eat and 5 things that you can."
  • "The mandarins are the smallest fruit."

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